Resurrect old apps

The Infractions Forum is available for public view. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Participant-Observer Start date Apr 8, Participant-Observer Good Egg. RPGnet Member. Validated User. Dear all: I'm the proud owner of a shiney new Mac Mini. The main purpose of the machine is work-related but I'd still like to have a couple of games on it.

Now, we all know that this isn't meant to be a top gaming machine so All suggestions will be seriously entertained. BlakeT Meep? Well anything by Blizzard is good, obviously Warcraft stuff, Diablo. Neverwinter Nights, but to get all the games would cost a ton.

Best -OSX- powerpc games?

I wish they'd make a platnum pack for the Mac, or I guess Diamond pack is the latest. I have found that the Mac really doesn't have that many good games for it, which is changing with the ability of the new Intel based Macs to dual-boot Windows and OSX. Eventually it'll be able to run windows native games inside of OSX. Calculon said:. Basically, everything you and me will probably ever need. And that was exactly what the makers had in mind when they developed it.

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You and me. There are not tons of functions that no real person is ever going to use as in other office suites. There is no cluttered interface. Apple Works 6 filled a gap in the office market, the gap between simple text editors and heavily overloaded suites like Microsoft Office. A while ago I had an iMac G3 in for repairs. It was a Mhz model with What made me pick Apple Works 6 over Microsoft Office was compatibility with the popular Microsoft formats.

So no problem opening files from friends and co-workers.

Resurrect old apps

Anyone knowing anything about it? Anyway, as I said in my introduction, Apple Works has been discontinued officially since August Apple failed to provide an adequate replacement with iWork and has yet to come up with a true successor. However, the official support website is still online.

I am no office suite geek. Apple Works 6 does that. If you care to take a look yourself, the Macintosh Garden has Apple Works 6 available in all different languages. However, I came across this interesting piece from a former intel employee in which he states his take on PowerPC architecture and why it was unable to keep up with Intel. Interesting read.

Meanwhile I have been contacted by the makers of Marball Odyssey , which appears to be a fun little game. Might do right after this post, if I can convince the Ms. Cameron Kaiser and his team really deserve a thumbs up for their continuing support of our PPC Tiger machines. I am, however, tempted to upgrade soon. Anyone of you already using 10 and recommending it? TigerOSX We're "obsolete"? Who cares!

Skip to content. Home About. Best e-mail program for Or more precise — the lack of hard disk space. But until then, I need to find ways of squeezing all my data on the aging hard disk. One tool that came in particularly handy is Monolingual. Monolingual was developed by Ingmar Stein with version 1. And the best news is that it is free. After all, why have the localization files for the operating system sitting around unused and seizing disk space?

Sure, you can go file hunting by yourself and delete the packages manually as well, but then why the hassle if Monolingual does that for you? Getting rid of Universal Binary stuff.

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By using monolingual I was able to free up almost 1 GB of hard disk space within roughly two minutes. Not a bad deal and without sacrificing any data I might actually need. Posted in Utilities 9 Comments. So what has happened in all those years? Posted in General 21 Comments. I've never really thought of the Mac as a gaming platform until recently. My latest Mac is a G4 Digital Audio system with a 1. I had been running both Mac OS 9.

The question was whether or not it was worth it to upgrade to the latest system or get myself a good deal on an older version of OS X. The upgrade to Tiger costs about euros and I would expect significant improvements for that kind of money. The design of the boxes hasn't changed all that much. A big X is featured on the box of all releases, hardly a selling point. I decided to wait.

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  4. That wait lasted until April 29, , as on that day the now current incarnation of Mac OS X was released worldwide. With a nickname of "Tiger", it is supposed to have many new features under the hood that will make the Microsoft Longhorn team from Redmond "break out in hives", according to Steve Jobs. Ars Technica 1 has a pretty comprehensive review of the Apple operating system you might want to check out. Anyway, I went ahead and made the decision to upgrade.

    I was told that my old G4 would be able to benefit from the newest Tiger release, according to the people from the Apple Store, but I was skeptical.

    iBook G4 running Mac OS X 10.4.11 Tiger. Useful in 2018?

    In my experience running a newer operating system on older hardware is never a good idea, but I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised. While there is a possibility to return the DVD media and get a CD-based release instead through the "media exchange program" 2 , one would have to pay extra money for it. I had an old PC DVD drive lying around and tried to fit that into my G4, but the OS X installer failed to install properly and it wouldn't successfully boot from the disc. Lo and behold it booted into the installation menu and I was able to upgrade my OS X This is a tip that might work for others as well.

    Apple has put a lot of energy into the development of officially supported and documented API's Application Program Interface's that will finally make it possible for third party developers to keep their software compatible with newer versions of OS X as long as they properly adhere to the API's standards. In the past, Apple was known to introduce undocumented changes in the API's that could cause older programs to stop working, though this was a rare occurrence.

    Now, Apple has created "kernel programming interfaces" 3 , which are a well documented layer around the OS X kernel. Apple guarantees the changes in the kernel itself will not affect programs that comply with their kernel programming interfaces, so this might mean better backwards compatibility for future versions of Mac OS X We'll see what the future change to Intel processors might mean for this -ed.

    Tiger uses a new metadata-concept that makes it possible to retrieve all sorts of information from your system. The new Spotlight search tool in the right hand top corner of the screen gets busy cataloging your system the first time you boot the computer.

    Free card games for Mac OS X (Bridge, Belote, President, Whist)

    After that, it works like a dream. My medical research sits on one of my hard drives and Spotlight - which uses metadata - can even search through the Adobe Portable document Format PDF files containing copies of medical articles! One thing I like about OS X is its new look. Quartz is the new graphics engine that powers Tiger.

    From OS X Still, the new Quartz 2D extreme pushes my system's graphical capabilities to an unexpected level of performance! The idea of a dashboard is a cool addition, which uses small applications without a menu bar as accessories on your desktop. These small applications are called "widgets", which float on top of the desktop. It's been true that every new version of OS X is faster than its predecessor and Tiger is no exception. It runs faster on my system than OS X