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Download this font for Mac or Windows.

Music Note Alt Code

This version of the font can be freely distributed as per the Open Font License. A font enabling you to put pitch material — staff, clefs, pitches and barlines — onto any page using any application.

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This can be entered in a word processing document for a thesis or assignment or so forth. Download this font for Mac Windows. A font enabling you to put rhythmic notation — including rhythmic values, time signatures, tuplet markings, barlines — onto any page using any application.

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Documentation fixed 21 July A font containing quartertones and other microtones in addition to the standard chromatic accidental symbols. Intended for use with Finale. Contains a Finale document from which a library of microtone symbols can be extracted for use as articulations.

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This font is required for use in the Bach Project www. If you are interested in other microtonal fonts, check out the following: Sagittal font by Dave Keenan and George Secor.

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This font shows numbers with a caret on top, used to indicate scale degrees in music theory. Includes sharps, flats and naturals. A font useful for putting in recorder fingering diagrams. There are easy presets, and you can also notate your own fingering by specifying each individual hole. A simple font that allows you to put circled numbers into a document such as a Finale file.

2. Fsymbols

The numbers are included, in both serif and sans-serif forms. Download this font Mac and PC versions included.

A Times Roman font which includes a variety of musical symbols, including accidentals, time signatures and so on incorporated with standard text characters. Download this font for Mac only.

Music Symbols

You can insert as many symbols as you want while the Symbol window is still open. In this example, we inserted a Beamed Eighth Note.

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The size of the inserted symbol depends on the original font size in your document. In the example below, we went with 72 points. You can even go a step further and copy and paste your symbol several times to create a nifty musical border for your document.

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